Think Sports Club turns pokerhol

Think Sports Club turns pokerhol

World July 20, 2016 14:45

amsterdam - The Amsterdam think sports Cabeza is closed by order of Mayor Van der Laan indefinitely. In the building on the first Oosterparkstraat appeared to be an illegal gambling company, the municipality reported Wednesday.

The police had been more the idea that there was illegal gambling and that there were criminals in the property. That was confirmed after a raid on the night of 24 on June 25. In addition, items were found that indicated illegal poker tournaments, poker chips, poker tables and boards with forthcoming tournaments and bets.

In the building were 29 people present, of whom make fifteen with the law had related to arms, opium and sexual abuse cases.
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On the property arrived since the end of 2011 messages inside, including on illegal gambling, drug trafficking, robbery and assault.

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