These classic games have mini-diversity Super Nintendo

These classic games have mini-diversity Super Nintendo

Tech June 26, 2017 19:30

- The miniature version of the Super Nintendo (SNES) comes to Europe on September 29th. With 21 classic games including a sequel to Star Fox.

With the Nintendo Classic Mini, users can return to the 1990s to play timeless classics. The system can be connected to HD TVs, via an HDMI cable.

On the 'mini', the game Star Fox 2, which was never released, is now being played. A sequel to the popular Star Fox game, released in Europe under the name Starwing.

'Players must prove their skills by completing the first level of the original Star Fox to release Star Fox 2,' Nintendo reports.

These 21 games can be played on the Classic Mini:

· Contra III: The Alien Wars

· Donkey Kong Country ™

· EarthBound ™

· Final Fantasy III

· F-ZERO ™

· Kirby ™ Super Star

· Kirby's Dream Course ™

· The Legend of Zelda ™: A Link to the Past ™

· Mega Man® X

· Secret of Mana

· Star Fox ™

· Star Fox ™ 2

· Street Fighter® II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

· Super Castlevania IV ™

· Super Ghouls A Ghosts®

· Super Mario Kart ™

· Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars ™

· Super Mario World ™

· Super Metroid ™

· Super Punch-Out !! ™

· Yoshi's Island ™

The original Super Nintendo was released in Japan in 1990 and two years later in Europe. The 16-bit game machine competed with the Sega Mega Drive and was the successor of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which was introduced worldwide between 1983 and 1987, which was 8-bit.

Last week it became known that the NES Mini will no longer be delivered after April. The device launched in November was still so popular that it was barely available. Nintendo announced that it was never meant that the NES Mini would become a permanently available product.

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