These avocados are as big as your head

These avocados are as big as your head

World July 13, 2018 23:57

bundaberg - Good news for those who love avocado. In Australia, a farmer managed to grow giant avocados: Avozilla's.

The Avozilla's are five times as big as the 'normal' avocado that we know in the Netherlands. The larger ones are almost as big as your head. The weight of the giant avocado is 1.2 kilos, but the biggest Avozilla can weigh 1.8 kilos.

Farmer Ian Groves from Queensland is the only one who grows the fruits in Australia. The Avozillas are originally from South Africa and have not been genetically engineered. The gigantic avocados are now only sold in specialty stores in Australia, but the farmer has recently planted 2000 avocado trees on his property in Bundaberg. The chance that there will be a single avocado guacamole for the whole family outside of Australia is also present.

The taste would not differ from the small avocados. 'I love them. We eat them at home all day long, 'says the farmer to The Guardian. Whoever thinks deeply in the pouch for the Avozilla is wrong. An avocado costs around 12 euros, but then you also have something.

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