These are the victims of the attack in Manchester

These are the victims of the attack in Manchester

World May 25, 2017 12:18

manchester - Twenty-two people were killed by the terrible attack after the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester Monday night. Among them were mostly young fans of the popular singer, but also parents who were waiting for their children were killed deadly. Nineteen killings have now been identified.

The Scottish Eilidh was together with her friend Laura MacIntyre (15) at the concert. Parents of the two searched after the attack feverish after the two girls. Only 20 hours later Laura was brought to hospital with severe burns. Eilidh did not survive the explosion.

'Eilidh was full of life and pleasure. She loved all the music, be it Ariana Grande or bagpipe, what they themselves played, 'said the girl's family in a statement. On the island where the family lives, the news has arrived. 'She was popular, a great girl,' says her music teacher against the Telegraph. 'I'm broken, it's terrible. It's a big, big loss. '

Obviously this young couple was from South Shields at Newcastle. They were perfect for each other, according to the parents in a joint statement. 'They wanted to be together forever, and now it is. '

Chloe was a talented actress and Liam was a fanatic cricket player following a sports education at the University of Northumbria. They would like to travel around the world together.

'Rest in peace, my dear beautiful girl,' Olivia Campbell's mother wrote in an online death message. 'Too early you have been taken away from us to sing with the angels. Keep smiling, mom loves you so much. '

The last victim of the attack was only 8 years old. Saffie became the face of the attack in Manchester. Her death has arrived hard in the small village of Leyland in Lancashire. 'The thought that someone can go to a concert and no longer gets home is heartbreaking. 'Quiet, modest and very creative, so the girl is described. 'Saffie was just a beautiful little girl in every respect,' said the director of elementary school in Leyland. 'Everyone loved her and her warmth and kindness we will never forget. '

The 14-year-old Sorrell was not at the concert, but came with her mother and grandmother to pick up her sister. The Leeds girl is described as intelligent, talented and creative. She dreamed of becoming an architect. She wanted to study in New York.

Sorrell's mother and grandmother were also injured by the explosion and are still in the hospital. Her sister remained known to be unfamiliar.

PR manager Martyn Hett was in concert with a friend, but the two lost each other. Later it appeared that Martyn was in the foyer where the explosion took place. His former partner says to Twiiter: 'He left the world exactly as he lived: in the center of attention. '

Girlfriends Alison and Lisa were waiting in the foyer of the Manchester Arena for their daughters who remained unharmed at the onslaught.

'So much sense to see you tomorrow,' wrote Georgina, 18, from Lancaster on Twitter on Sunday. One day later she was one of the first to be taken to the hospital with urgency from the place of attack. She did not die much later while her mother was sitting on her bed.

Two years ago, Georgina met her great idol Ariana Grande. She could even see her in the picture. 'Ariana was so sweet. She said she loved my hair. I will never forget this, 'she wrote. Friends describe the students as beautiful and gentle. 'Rest in peace Gina. I love you so much. You earned the world and more. I'm so lucky to have known you, 'writes one of them on Twitter.

'John was one of thousands and was loved by so many people,' writes a friend online. That also appears from the hundreds of allegations that appear online. On a special charity site, the gifts flow to the relatives.

Sheffield's Kelly Brewster died when she tried to protect her 11-year-old cousin from the explosion, according to her family. Her partner Ian writes on Facebook: 'Kelly has never been so happy and we had planned a lot together. My daughter Phoebe is totally defeated, as we are all.

Marcin and Angelika came from Poland and lived in English York. They picked up their daughters at the concert. Shortly before they went to the stadium they took this picture.

Jane Taylor from Blackpool also picked up someone at the concert. She was a receptionist at a school where she was described by the director as 'spontaneous, friendly, funny and generous. 'Jane leaves her husband Mark and three daughters.

To the 14-year-old Nell from Cheshire was long sought in the hope that she was in one of the hospitals in Manchester. On Wednesday, her family still got the terrible news that she did not survive the explosion. At her school the clap has arrived hard. 'She was a very popular girl who always laughed and always was positive,' the school director told the BBC. 'It feels for students if they are lost a sister instead of a classmate. '

Police Elaine McIver visited the concert with her partner Paul and their two children. The four were seriously injured by the explosion. 'Elaine loved life and had a huge passion for music,' let her family know in a statement. 'Despite what happened to her, she would have wanted us to continue to live and not admit to terrorism. She stated that we would not admit it. '

'She lived for her family and we are all of course broken by her death,' lets Michelle Kiss's family know. 'We took support from the courage and strength she had during her life to continue this difficult time. '

'A great mother. She will be hugely missed, 'says her son about 50-year-old Wendy Fawell from Otley. She was with the girlfriend and daughter at the concert. 'She was the friendliest person you would like to know,' says a family friend to the BBC. 'She did everything for you. She was great and will be missed by a lot of people. 'Fawell previously worked at a primary school where she was sorely reacted to her death.

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