'The world is going to fade tomorrow'

World November 18, 2017 12:42

london - Who thought that we have left well last September 23 is mistaken, thousands of people now believe that the world is finally going to end tomorrow.

The earth will then tear apart because of planet Nibiru (or planet X) that would go our way on collision course.

All that was predicted two months ago by the Christian numerologist David Meade. He spit through the Bible and calculated that the end of time is imminent. Or at least was on September 23. But when nothing happened, the conspiracy thinkers say that they are mistaken. So it will be tomorrow, writes the Daily Mail.

NASA again dismisses the whole story as big nonsense (Video below).

The number 33 in the sacred script is central to Meade's conspiracy story. That is the age when Jesus died. Moreover, the name Elohim, in the Bible the most used Hebrew word for God, is mentioned 33 times. That the Saturday, September 23, 33 years ago was that a solar eclipse was visible in the US, the doom prophet also considered a sign.

According to Meade, the so-called mythical planet X, named by the Dibemakers Nibiru, is on collision with the earth. That would cause a chain of earthquakes that would destroy the planet. The Apocalypse from the Bible becomes reality, says the predictor.

Meade is supported by other Christian preachers, such as the American Robert Breaker. He predicted earlier that the end of time would break two years ago. When everything turned out to be cake and egg after the 23rd, he adjusted his prediction, so he also came out on September 23, 2017. So again from tomorrow! The Daily Mail quotes Terrel Croft, which predicts that the number of earthquakes will rise significantly from tomorrow to mid-December.

NASA scientist David Morrison also overturned the forecast in September. 'If the planet were already heading for earth, it should have been visible for a long time,' he says. 'The planet should have already crossed the orbit of Mars. 'Nibiru, or X, does not exist according to NASA.

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