The Sims is coming to the mobile phone

The Sims is coming to the mobile phone

Tech May 11, 2017 13:06

- There have been more mobile games from The Sims, but those experiences did not come close to the well-known PC games. That's why De Sims Mobile, for Android and iOS, needs to change soon.

As fans are used to, you can create your own sim, provide character features and build and set up homes. In addition, you can play online with friends in The Sims Mobile and visit their homes.

By playing for a long time and planting, give shape to the family tree. If your Sims get their career goals and retire, you will be rewarded with legends that will help you unlock hobbies and careers for future generations.

The Sims Mobile already has a soft launch in Brazil. When the mobile game appears in the Netherlands is not known yet.

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