The pope warns of the devil

World December 13, 2017 11:54

rome - Watch out for the power of evil. 'The devil is not something diffuse, he is a person. Once you start talking to him, you are lost. He is more intelligent than we are. 'Pope Francis used these words in an interview with the Italian television channel Tv2000.

If you seek contact with the devil, he will drop you, he will twist your head, said the Pope. The evil, the devil, carries a first and last name, he comes to our home. 'He does whether he is civilized. He acts civilized against us priests and bishops. And if you do not notice it in time, it will end badly. '

Francis regularly talks about the devil, as the abuse of children is the work of evil. Even when he himself is thwarted as a church prince in his reforms, that is the work of the devil. With the evil you do not engage in dialogue, the Pope warned in the interview.

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