The most expensive face the world

The most expensive face the world

World August 24, 2016 21:24

- A former fireman who showed fitting the most expensive face transplant in the world, feels for the first time a 'normal boy' in 15 years. That said, the 42-year-old Patrick Hardison Wednesday after he last left the New York hospital where he underwent surgery 72 times (!).

The volunteer firefighter was seriously maimed in 2001, a collapsing burning building. What followed was a long- funded medical center- recovery process. For the final transplant Hardison whopping underwent 71 surgeries to prepare. More than a million dollars, which cost the eventual reconstruction of his face.

'For transplatatie I got up with effort every day to try to make something of it. That vote is now completely gone. I can eat, see, hear and breathe normally, 'says Hardison. 'I need to make me worry more now about pointing people or children who run away crying when they see me. I can finally stand up and cheerful start to my normal day. '
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     Patrick Hardison can conclude a lengthy operation sequence.
     Photo: AFP
     The fireman from Mississippi before and after the operation.
     Photo: AP
     The ex-fireman with his wife and children.
     Photo: AP

In the United States conducted forty face transplants since 2005, but Hardison was the first who underwent successful surgery on the skull and eyelids. He has almost no scars and has kept his brown hair back yesteryear.

His 21-year-old daughter Alison burst into tears when she saw her father for the first time after the last operation. 'I walked into the room and was just speechless. He gave me a hug and just felt his cheeks warm. I had not felt in fourteen years, 'said Alison.

In the autumn Hardison hopes to assist the first time face to face with the family of his donor. His new face 'was', he a 26-year-old New Yorker who was killed in a bicycle accident.

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