The giant of Nijvel had an Amsterdam woman

World October 24, 2017 09:06

antwerp - The Amsterdam Denise Vandyck appears to have been married for six years with 'De Reus', one of the men now considered to be the head of the Belgian gang of Nijvel.

Against Het Nieuwsblad, she tells us that she learned the past Chris B. in 1991 at a cafe in Dendermonde. One year later, the couple married.

But soon Denise had a great regret of marriage. Chris drank jelly and whiskey all day. She had to regularly pick him up. Also, the man with Polish roots raged heavily racist talks.

He told his wife that he was once in the elite team who was working on the gang of Nijvel. Chris would be thrown out because his weapon was accidentally taken away by accident. 'I think the thought that he worked for the gang,' says 57-year-old Amsterdam who lives in Dendermonde.

Three months after their marriage, the couple was already divorced. The divorce was only pronounced six years later. 'Chris was a barrel of frustration,' says Denise, who is still living in Belgium against the newspaper.

The gang of Nijvel sowed death and perdition at our southern neighbors in the early eighties. A series of extremely violent burglars, thefts and robbery harassed Belgium that years. In addition, 28 people died. The perpetrators were never found.

Last week it was known that De Reus knew his brother at his deathbed that he was in the gang. Chris had the nickname because he was so tall and wide.

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