'The Giant' of Bende of Nivelles is known

World October 21, 2017 14:48

brussels - There was more insight into the Belgian gang of Nijvel who caused many deaths in the 1980s. The gangster 'De Reus' is known to the police. It's about a former state guardian.

That's written Belgian media. The man died already two years ago, and would have been on his deathbed 'The Giant.' Family then went to justice, and meanwhile there would be a breakthrough.

The gang is known for bloody robberies in department stores, supermarkets and restaurants, with 28 deaths between 1982 and 1985.

According to The Latest News, detectives have found that 'The Giant' was always free on days of robbery. In addition, he had a foot injury during the last raid. That also fits the picture: witnesses saw 'a gangster who ran out of trouble' during those attacks.

Possibly other members may live. The Belgian police are still looking forward to them.

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