The Divine Savelberg

The Divine Savelberg

World June 26, 2017 05:03

hamburg - It took a while, but finally Savelberg Savelberg drowned. Judgment: 'Divine!'

There are few people to whom a cocktail is named, but our correspondent in Berlin, Rob Savelberg, is one of them. Reason was the striking way Savelberg put a fire at the press conference chancellor Angela Merkel around a financial scandal. That amazed the somewhat more compelling German press, annoyed Merkel and became a world hit through YouTube.

It inspired the highly regarded cocktail mixer Jan Halfpap from the Le Lion Bar de Paris in Hamburg to the Savelberg. According to Rob, a tasty drink that obviously incorporates gin. The Dutch touch is again emphasized with a slick of orange.

Savelberg did not receive the Savelberg free of charge. 'Typically German', Rob Rob urged to drop 15 euros. Typical Dutch that did a little bit of pain.

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