The Czech Republic torpedates VAT reduction digital newspaper

The Czech Republic torpedates VAT reduction digital newspaper

World June 16, 2017 10:18

luxembourg - Despite good hopes in advance, today there is no agreement on reducing the VAT rate for digital books, newspapers and magazines. The Czech Republic is crossing.

This was shown Friday morning at a meeting of the European finance ministers in Luxembourg. The Czechs are frustrated that they do not get their say on another file about a new approach to VAT fraud and therefore block the VAT rate for e-publications. They do not have any fundamental objections.

Minister of Defense Dijsselbloem (Finance) reacted in the meeting furiously. 'This is very disappointing. Let's reach a compromise and stop wasting our time, 'said the PvdA governor his colleagues.

But it was in vain. Because unanimity is needed and therefore the consent of 28 countries is needed, EU President Maltese temporarily had to conclude that agreement today is not possible.

The Netherlands has been working for years to adapt the European VAT Directive. Electronic publications are subject to the outdated rules under the high rate, while printed books, newspapers and magazines fall below the low rate. In the Netherlands, an adjustment would mean that digital subscriptions and books 6 should be paid instead of 21 percent of VAT.

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