'The apocalypse has arrived'

'The apocalypse has arrived'

World September 20, 2017 17:51

mexico - People who panically tried to call relatives, a man who declared that the apocalypse had arrived: the earthquake that hit Mexico on Tuesday, according to Dutch Ronja Kool, also led to emotional reactions outside the disaster area.

Kool travels with her friend through the North American country. She received a phone call from her Mexican sister-in-law after she asked: 'She is a leader at Aeromexico, her office has collapsed', let the tourist know.

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The Dutch and her partner were in Palenque when the natural violence parts of Mexico shook. 'At the time of the quake we were in a bus. The Mexicans around us were nervous and panicked. They tried to call family to check if they were ok, 'says Kool.

The couple did not feel the excitement itself, but that makes the nervousness no less. 'We are looking for a building that looks firm to sleep and, most preferably, on the ground floor,' says the woman. 'In addition, we know what to do if there is another quake. '

The second heavy vomit in a month's time led Mexicans to much emotion, says Kool. 'A man on the street said the apocalypse had come through climate change. According to him, he followed hurricanes and tsunamis. '

Cabbage and her friend are planning to travel to Mexico City to provide food and sanitary products to victims. Also her brother lives in the capital. 'He was not there at the time of the quake. But he knows people whose houses and offices are collapsed. '

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