Thai prime minister uses cardboard version

World January 9, 2018 08:51

bangkok - The Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha is known for his inscrutable sense of humor. His latest discovery is the use of a cardboard version of himself. Journalists who ask critical questions are referred to his cardboard alter ego with an arm swing: 'just ask him'.

The life-size cardboard versions are covered with a photo of the prime minister. On the one he is in sports outfit, on another with suit and tie. In total, seventeen versions have been placed on the grounds where the government buildings are located.

There has been laughter, but also indignantly reacted. Human Rights Watch, for example, points out that the Thai prime minister is a general and leader of the military junta who has been in control of the country since 2014. Prayuth does not have it on journalists. In the past he once threw a banana peel to a difficult reporter.

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