Test does not discriminate firefighters

Test does not discriminate firefighters

World August 1, 2017 13:12

utrecht - The mandatory fitness test of the Gelderland Central Security and Health Region does not prohibit discrimination between men and women. That judges the Human Rights College following a complaint from a fire brigade (53) who finds the requirements too heavy for women.

Firefighters are subjected to an annual survey. The woman, who worked as a firefighter, has been killed twice before the test. She lowered the fire resistance test, with firefighters having to climb one hundred steps in two minutes. They carry a burden of 42 kilograms.

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According to the Security Region, it is a tough test, but can also be achieved by women and elderly people. It is a minimum standard needed to ensure the safety of victims and colleagues. According to the College, a distinction can be made because safety guarantee is a good reason. 'Everyone must be able to fall back together. '

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