Terrorist suspect sought by Belgium

World November 3, 2017 08:18

brussels - https://www.telegraaf.nl/images/900x600/filters:format(jpeg):quality(80)/cdn-kiosk-api.telegraaf.nl/3818e3ee-c06f-11e7-bcc4-77f3d6fc373e.jpg

It concerns the brother of Said S. For terrorist convicted. The man arrested in Morocco would belong to a terrorist group and be linked to the finding of a weapon arena in Anderlecht and near Lille. In an Anderlechts garage this summer began to include Kalasjnikovs, a riot gun, small arms. bulletproof vests, a floodlight, uniforms and ignition mechanisms. Two other brothers, Khalid and Akim, were arrested then a third was still on the run.

The Belgian authorities feared that the suspect, arrested in Morocco, felt keen and so unpredictable what would be his next move. The police have since been looking for him with man and power.

The man was arrested in Morocco in early October. Belgium is likely to ask for extradition from the suspect. But because he has no dual nationality, it is doubtful whether Morocco will respond to that question. He will probably get a trial there.

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