' Terrorist smoked weed all day '

' Terrorist smoked weed all day '

World November 18, 2015 12:00

brussels - Abdeslam Ibrahim, one of the terrorists who blew himself up during the attacks in Paris, was not so religious. He spent his days smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol.

So says the ex-wife of the terrorist against The Sun. According to her, he never went to the mosque and he was fixed twice for theft.

The 31-year-old Ibrahim blew himself up in front of the Comptoir Cafe Voltaire in Paris. Therefore were no casualties.

The 36-year-old Girl is in shock that her ex- husband participated in the attacks. " I have no explanation for it. Possibly it was the hash. Everything is possible. "

The two had no children because Ibrahim, who drank vodka and beer, was too lazy to look for a job. He was trained as an electrician. Instead he spent his days watching DVDs and listening to Arabic music.

The two met as The Sun in a bar in Brussels in 2004. Two years later they were married in the presence of only twenty guests. The parents and brother of Ibrahim were not among them.

" They were not very close, " Naima says. " They were modern, each had his own life. " In 2008, the two apart, and since 2013 they divorced officially. Since then, nothing more Naima Ibrahim heard.

The brothers Abdeslam from Molenbeek played a major role in the horrific terrorist attacks on Friday in Paris. Brother Ibrahim then detonated a bomvest, brother Mohamed was arrested and brother Salah is still on the run. The mother of the brothers said earlier to be amazed at their role.

Ibrahim also called Brahim, had been about two years in Molenbeek a bar where alcohol was served. Neighbors complained regularly about a marijuana odor.

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