'Terrorism expert' layoffs for fictitious career

'Terrorism expert' layoffs for fictitious career

World October 17, 2015 00:08

- The US television network Fox News has dismiss an employee posing as ' terrorism expert ' and claimed that he had worked for the CIA. His career , however, turned up.

Wayne Simmons kept his former employer and the millions of TV viewers for his 1973 to 2000 worked at the CIA as "outside paramilitary special operations officer . He has repeatedly claimed that he had access to " highly classified information " and that he regularly ' chores ' did for the US government. Simmons was arrested Thursday on suspicion of misconduct , fraud and forgery .

The prosecutor of the State of Virginia Simmons writes that it " was overseas active" as an assistant to senior military officers , but finds the claims Simmons does go too far. Simmons was regularly featured on FoxNews since 2002 , where he was specializing in terrorism.

FoxNews apologized in a statement and said that the Simmons " never paid for his work. " Simmons was in addition to his role as an expert on television also active as a writer, he contributed to several books on terrorism.

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