Terror Files Europol leaked

Terror Files Europol leaked

Tech November 30, 2016 08:51

amsterdam - Secret files of Europol on terrorism long time been accessible via the Internet, as an employee of the Dutch police had made a copy on an Internet-connected hard drive. That television program Zembla reported Wednesday. The editorial also himself had access to the hard drive. Europol has admitted the mistake in front of Zembla, say the program makers, and speaks of a ' serious incident '.

According Zembla involves records from the period 2006-2008 with analyzes of terrorist groups such as the Hofstad group. There are also hundreds of names and phone numbers of people to terrorism are linked and analyzes of the Madrid bombings.

Europol opened an investigation and let Zembla know that the leak does not affect ongoing investigations.

Zembla is not going to disclose the documents.

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