Tens of thousands of fake accounts Twitter stopped

Tens of thousands of fake accounts Twitter stopped

Tech July 18, 2017 15:06

san francisco - Twitter has stopped a botnet of nearly 90,000 fake accounts. The accounts fully placed all links to porn sites. Each account was about the same: a schalks posing female as a profile picture with a random female name as a username. The tweets themselves were written in English, full of language errors.

The accounts have now been removed. Safer ZeroFOX had discovered the botnet. It is one of the biggest social media campaigns ever. In total, the accounts placed 8.5 million tweets. Anyone who clicked on a link was sent via a link to a site to sign up for porn, dating or webcams.

The perpetrators are probably from Eastern Europe, possibly Russia. They are probably also responsible for a large amount of spam mail.

The botnet has got the name SIREN, to the Greek half goddesses who, according to the myths, seduced travelers with their singing, causing ships to stumble against the rocks. The accounts were very successful, according to ZeroFOX, other Twitter people clicked more than 30 million times on the left.

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