Ten sons; how big is that chance?

World December 29, 2017 11:09

inverness - A 38-year-old English can not get enough of it: boys! Every time she and her husband thought they would have a girl. But the counter at Alexis Brett now stands for ten men and she has given up.

The youngest is now seven months old, the eldest boy sixteen years old.

Alexis is therefore very busy. She gets up at half past six in the morning. Her first task: cleaning. The ex-nurse turns five washes every day and uses the vacuum cleaner seven times.

And if all of this is not enough: supermom also goes to the gym three times a week, she says in English media. She has just graduated as an instructor, so she also wants to work. Thanks to that sport, she comes back into shape quickly after every birth.

Her husband, the 43-year-old train driver David, has beginner Parkinson's, so he can not play a hundred percent in the household, but he does what he can.

So rest is hardly enough for Alexis.

She does not mind that she never received a daughter. 'I would not even know how to deal with a girl with all those guys'.

Number eleven, and with it a complete football team, will not come. Alexis starts to get physical aches and sees it as a signal that it has been nice. 'We have such a unique family'.

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