Ten missing by collision naval ship VS

Ten missing by collision naval ship VS

World August 21, 2017 05:45

washington - The collision between American torpedo hunter USS John S. McCain and a Liberian tanker dropped five wounds on Monday morning. Ten navy men are missing.

Four injured were sent by helicopter to a Singapore hospital, reported the US Navy Commander. They do not have life-threatening injuries. A fifth wound did not have to go to the hospital.

At the scene of the shipwreck in the Malakka Street east of Singapore, a major search and rescue operation has been going to the missing people. Various ships and rescue helicopters provide assistance.

The torpedo boat hunter sails on its own to the naval base in Singapore.

The torpedo boat hunter equipped with guided missiles was hit by the 183 meter long tanker Alnic MC. That happened around 06. 24 hours local time. The Alnic suffered minor damage but, according to the authorities, had lost no oil.

The navy ship was on its way to Singapore. US President Donald Trump, after the collision, told Twitter that his thoughts and prayers were on the crew of the naval ship.

The USS John McCain is named after the grandfather and father of senator John McCain, both admirals in the US Navy. The former presidential candidate on behalf of the Republicans (2008) sent a message on Sunday evening (local time) via Twitter on behalf of his wife: 'Cindy and I pray for the navy people aboard the USS John S. McCain- we appreciate the work of those involved In the rescue operation. '

Two months ago, USS Fitzgerald also collided with a Filipino container ship by the coast of Japan. Seven perpetrators of that torpedo boat hunter came to life. The ship was so heavily damaged on the starboard side that it almost sank. Three participants were disciplined for this.

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