Temporarily escape from the cell: prison Atlanta is crazy

Temporarily escape from the cell: prison Atlanta is crazy

World February 10, 2017 12:00

atlanta - A prison in Atlanta is plagued by temporary escapes. Prisoners break out regularly to store all kinds of goods and then on again to break back. The US government is a major investigation into this temporary escapes.

In January 2013 the police began in Atlanta with the investigation into this temporary escapes, according to CNN. Agents then had evidence that prisoners have cut holes in fences to thereby move outwards and inwards.

It then fell to agents that a car was parked conspicuously in prison. The passengers wore masks and prison clothes. When officers wanted to speak to the occupants just flee the prison. In the car were bottles of alcohol, found 24 mobile phones and two loaded firearms.

Since then, the area is regularly monitored by agents. Late last year, two large holes in the fence were found which people could escape. were also prison items found in the area, such as gloves and wash.

Then cameras were hung in the holes. In the three weeks that followed showed how prisoners went out with some regularity and contraband again entered jail.

On February 3, officers were able to catch a prisoner in the act when he wanted to go to jail. Justin B. Stinson had a phone, scissors, bottle down tequila, cigarettes, cigars and eat with him. The authorities did not elaborate on the ongoing investigation.

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