Teen must return gold Maserati

Teen must return gold Maserati

World August 26, 2016 13:09

london - A nineteen-year-old self-proclaimed 'teenage billionaire 'has his Maserati GranCabrio with gilded body must cede to the English police because it was uninsured.

Sheikh Hamza told the newspaper the Evening Standard that the lack of the car, which is worth around 115 000, is not very.,, I have a Rolls-Royce and a Range Rover. I'm waiting for a Lamborghini that is still worried. '

The car, which still adorned L was put aside because officers thought that it looked very expensive for a student driver. Sheikh, who is studying business administration and manages real estate, was at that time just back from his theory exam.
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He must pay a fine and receive points on his license- if he has taken it once.

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