Teek already bothered dino

World December 12, 2017 22:21

washington - Ticks, the notorious parasites that can transmit dangerous diseases, have been destroying the life of animals for much longer than there are people walking around on earth. Even dinosaurs already suffered from the blood-sucking spiders.

Scientists have written a number of ticks on Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications, including an unknown species named after the famous vampire Dracula. The critters have been discovered in pieces of amber from Myanmar. They date from 99 million years ago. In one fossil, a tick holds a feather. This is probably from a feathered dino from the Cretaceous period (145 to 66 million years ago).

A copy of the Deinocroton draculi (Terrible Draciateek) was so full of blood that she was eight times as big as a hungry sister. This does not make Jurassic Park a reality. Reproducing dinosaurs, such as in the film, with the help of DNA from dinosaurs in prehistoric mosquitoes, is not available for the time being.

'It seems that modern techniques are unable to extract DNA, or at least enough well-preserved DNA, from organisms in amber. DNA remains intact for millions of years ', paleontologist Ricardo PĂ©rez-de la Fuente reacted.

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