'Technology continues to drive migration'

'Technology continues to drive migration'

Tech April 21, 2017 06:57

washington - Technological developments can further boost the ever-increasing migration flow from poor countries in the coming years. Automation threatens a great deal of employment in developing countries, while global internet access justifies the expectations and aspirations of the inhabitants of those countries, World Bank president Jim Yong Kim said Thursday.

Continuing automation is a threat to two thirds of all jobs in developing countries, according to the World Bank. Kim pointed to the clothing industry, which can change dramatically due to the rise of 3D printers. 'Two, three years ago, we were wondering if it could ever, now we can see examples of it. ''

In addition, the ever smaller world causes people to want more, Kim said. 'Internet, smartphones and social media show everyone how everyone lives. As a result, global expectations grow, so I see wherever I come. ''

These developments are in addition to the many political conflicts and the ever-increasing problems of climate change in developing countries, which have already led to the largest refugee crisis since World War II. Hence, relief organizations need to change the way they work, Kim said.

The World Bank provides a greater role for business in project financing. If the private sector takes on more infrastructure projects, organizations like the World Bank can focus more on people's development and education, said Kim.

'The good news is that there has never been a better time to find win-win situations,' said Kim. 'There are billions of dollars on the sidelines, on which no or hardly any interest is earned and for which investors want to find better returns. We must mobilize that capital. ''

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