Tech Giants warn of weak encryption

Tech Giants warn of weak encryption

Tech November 23, 2015 07:45

- Following the attacks in Paris comes from various intelligence agencies and governments a harder call to weaken or even prohibit encryption on the Internet. Tech giants such as Apple, Google and Microsoft believe that a dangerous development. According to them, a weak encryption only to the advantage of the ' bad guys '.

Told Reuters responds Dean Garfield of the Information Technology Industry Council on behalf of the tech giants. " Naturally we look for ways to prevent terrible events as in Paris, but the weakening of encryption is not the solution ", he tells. Furthermore, he says that encryption is essential for secure Internet. Without encryption, says Garfield, hackers and other malicious attackers free rein to plunder accounts and retrieve other cybercrimes out. Telegram, which is known for strong encryption in its chat app, hit last week discredited because it would serve as an important communication platform of IS. Commenting Telegram removed it IS all possible channels within the service. Incidentally, there is no evidence yet that the perpetrators of the attacks in Paris have made ​​use of encryption. The only clue that has been found so far, was in an old-fashioned text message.

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