Talking about climate agreements on top in Bonn

World November 6, 2017 06:00

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The police did not deal with arrests, but did record data from the protesters. They may be prosecuted for housebreaking because they entered the property without permission. The activists advocate a quick abolition of the use of brown coal, which is by far the most polluting form of energy generation.

At the summit, representatives from nearly two hundred countries talk about the further elaboration of the climate agreement to be concluded in Paris in 2015. The agreement supports all participating countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Also, from 2020, the developed countries must contribute 100 billion dollars (more than 94 billion euros) to a fund that must help developing countries to fund their climate measures. By December 2018, it must be clear how the Paris climate agreement will be implemented in practice.

For the Netherlands, Eric Wiebes goes to the top. The new Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Ministers wants to speak to colleagues from our surrounding countries and come to more ambitious agreements, as stated in the government agreement, 'he said Friday. The European Union's goal is to reduce 40% less greenhouse gases by 2030 The Dutch government wants this goal to be increased to 55 percent. Wiebes is going to Bonn for more than a week.

At the top, about 25,000 people talk. Five hundred non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are also represented. 1300 journalists will report.

Germany is not the chairman of the climate conference; that's Fiji.

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