Talk about unrest state security officers

World October 17, 2016 11:42

- Within the National Unit of the police is spoken today about the turmoil within the Safety and Security Department (DBB). The management of the unit and the chief of service to which belongs the DBB, talk to security guards and managers.

That report sources within the National Unity. It rumbles within the service that protects members of the royal family and politicians. There are investigations into corruption, the workload would be too great and there is a great distrust, according to an internal report which is in the hands of this newspaper.

The research Cocoon from Molenhoek investigates the chaos. Internally criticized this study because the boss of the office is a good knowledge of the boss of the service which covers the DBB.

The owner of the agency earlier this year attended the inauguration of the new head of the National Unity. The SP can not do this 'It's like a butcher who adopts his own flesh,' says Nine Kooiman. Besides the SP also CDA, Christian Union and made the PVV parliamentary questions. They find it incomprehensible that the turmoil within the DBB on simmering.

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