Tablet and smartphone snatch further

Tablet and smartphone snatch further

Tech June 30, 2016 09:06

- The tablet replaces slowly but surely the old-fashioned computer in our living room. Last year had nearly six in ten households a tablet. This device is thus more popular than the 'old' computer is still present in half of the houses. According to figures from the Central Bureau of Statistics.

The smartphone is advancing, seven in ten Dutch households have a home. The elderly (people aged 65 and older) tacking; about two in ten have a smartphone. In order to make use of the Internet in places other than at home or at work, the smartphone is by far the most popular. Last year, nearly 67 percent of the Dutch twelve years or older this on the mobile Internet in 2012 was 40 percent. The tablet and laptop are used more and more on the way. A quarter of people going online so.

Especially over-45s are increasingly using mobile internet. Was in 2012, 41 percent of 45- to 65-year-olds mobile online; Last year it had increased to 71 percent. increased from 11 to 31 percent among the over-65s. Under 45 years are now almost nine out of ten people ever mobile online. The laptop wins only among 12- to 25-year olds are of the tablet.
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CBS also looked at what the Dutch do online. Internet telephony has increased in recent years; from 23 percent in 2012 to 31 percent last year. Dutch also use the Internet en masse to shop online. We do this more than other Europeans.

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