Syrian rebels are based in Aleppo on

Syrian rebels are based in Aleppo on

World August 5, 2016 21:27

- Rebels in Syria say they have stormed an artillery base that is used to bombard the rebel-controlled part of Aleppo. The army claims to have repulsed the attack and have slain hundreds of rebels.

An alliance of Islamist armed groups, including the extremist Nusra Front, based in the southwest of the city attacked. The base is located almost two kilometers from the part of town where rebels shots. According to a warrior from another group, Ahrar al Sham, drove two men with car bombs in the base and blew herself up. According to this same man is fighting in the basic ongoing.

The Syrian army gave a different reading of the attack. Soldiers managed to repel hundreds of warriors were slain and destroyed much of their weaponry. According to the army was the largest attack by rebels in the past year.
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