Survivorous nuclear attack Nagasaki died

Survivorous nuclear attack Nagasaki died

World August 30, 2017 18:48

tokio - A Japanese who survived the American nuclear attack on Nagasaki City in August 1945, died at the age of 88 to the effects of cancer. According to the BBC, Sumiteru Taniguchi was about 1.8 kilometers from the epicenter of the explosion and later became a well-known activist.

The sixteen-year-old postman at the time attacked serious burns. He described the event later as 'hell. '' Black-tailed bodies, voting those who wandered from ruined buildings, people who fell the flesh of their bodies 'he summoned during a memorial ceremony. 'The place changed into a sea of ​​fire. '

Taniguchi went to action against nuclear weapons after the attack, involving tens of thousands of people. He was once seen as a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Japan left shortly after the devastating attack. This ended the Second World War.

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