Surgeon removes 27 eyewear eyewear

Surgeon removes 27 eyewear eyewear

World July 16, 2017 21:54

amsterdam - For anyone wearing contact lenses, the following story is likely to be the worst nightmare. A 67-year-old British under the knife due to a stare operation, proved to have a cloudy view for a completely different reason. The surgeon discovered that the lady had 27 lenses in her eye.

The patient appeared to have forgotten to take out the lenses and thought she had been less well-known because of her age. The doctors who assisted the woman say they never saw such a thing. 'There were so many. And they were all stuck together. We were particularly surprised that the woman had not noticed anything. '

The woman in question has been wearing disposable pens for 35 years, but stayed away at appointments with the optician. According to doctors, the woman had a lot of luck. Failure to remove contact lenses can lead to blindness.

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