Supporters Ajax hunt for expensive tickets

Supporters Ajax hunt for expensive tickets

World May 12, 2017 12:33

amsterdam - Ajax supporters hunt massively for the final of the Europa League between their club and Manchester United. On the internet, tickets for the final match of 24 May in Stockholm change for 1500 euros from owner.

Ajax and United will both receive 10,000 cards for the final battle in the Friends Arena with a capacity of over 54,000 spectators. The remaining tickets for the final battle go to sponsors and neutral spectators. Some of them already offer a lot of money to their ticket.

Ajax starts Monday with the sale of the 10,000 allocated ticket tickets. Loyal fans with a so-called 'outcard' get priority. Flights from Amsterdam to Stockholm are already scarce and expensive. For a round trip around the finals, you are now paying 500 euros. It is expected that charters will be used. Ajax's travel partner also says that he will soon come up with new information.

Many Ajax supporters fly through Belgium and Germany to Stockholm, sometimes even with several transfers to cities like Riga. Of course, by car to the capital of Sweden, even though the distance from Amsterdam is about 1400 kilometers. Hotel rooms around the finals in Stockholm are pricey, soon 400 euros per night. It is cheaper to stay near the capital or book anything through Airbnb.

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