'Superb crash bursts all US under as'

'Superb crash bursts all US under as'

World October 13, 2017 15:33

yellowstone - A superman under the American Yellowstone National Park could soon come to burst than originally thought. In that case, the whole of the US could be covered under ashes, scientists from Arizona University have investigated. And even a volcanic winter can trigger the whole planet.

The volcanic activity under the park has been known for a long time, also logically, the many geysers and heat sources. However, the super-crane is much more powerful than an average fire-spun mountain, as it can spread 1000 cubic kilometers of rocks and ash in one burst. A volcanic winter could cool the planet so that it will be accompanied by many deadly victims.

Whether this really is going to happen is the question. The latest eruption of the superman at Yellowstone dates from 631,000 years ago, National Geographic knows. Nevertheless, the scientists report that the Earth can be affected every 100,000 years by a super-crash eruption.

The scientists investigated Yellowstone's past. The results are surprising: the factors that determine whether or not it becomes a super burst, changes much faster than initially thought. 'It's shocking how little time it takes to generate a dormant volcanic system and bring it to the verge of an eruption,' said Hannah Shamloo, co-author of the scientific journal, against the New York Times.

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