Super investor Buffett in the bank

Super investor Buffett in the bank

World August 15, 2017 19:06

amsterdam - Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has sold his entire interest in General Electrics industrial conglomerate.

His billionaire Berkshire Hathaway went to banks and financial services.

This is apparent from Berkshire Hathaway's reports to the supervisor.

The investor included funds in Synchrony Financial, the independent financial division of General Electric, and in Bank of New York Mellon.

Buffet's shares in shares are always followed sharply due to its successes as key signals for investment developments.

Buffett was in favor of buying and never selling any fund. That's what Buffett sees now. He bought the pieces General Electric, one of the major funds of Wall Street, in parts.

Buffett sold 10.6 million in June shares, a position at the time of reporting $ 315 million. The investor gave GE support during the credit crunch with a $ 3 billion loan. In return, he got the shares.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Buffett earned this $ 1 billion profit.

His fund also increased the interest in car maker General Motors last month. His purchases increased by 20% to a total of sixty million shares.

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