'Study meaningless by robot'

'Study meaningless by robot'

Tech September 19, 2016 22:24

- "Hundreds of thousands of young people now studying for a profession that is taken in the foreseeable future by robots."

"This is the conclusion consultancy Deloitte on the basis of an analysis of the direction of the studies and the jobs that are robotized. The problem lies mainly in secondary vocational education (MBO). There's four in ten children a study to follow for a profession that will disappear."

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"At higher professional education (HBO) two out of ten students learn a skill that disappears. When university education is about one in ten. The difference, according to Deloitte explained by the work that the youth want to do:,, Low-skilled labor is now automate once easier than high-skilled labor, \"says Sjoerd van Smisek, partner, Deloitte Consulting."

"In total, it is a group of nearly 300 000 young people who probably learn a skill for nothing.,, It is a powerful signal to students, parents, educational institutions and policy makers: the next few years should be deployed fast awareness. Although the choice is up to the individual, the case continues to be as well informed as possible the study, \"said Smisek."

"Professions under heavy fire by automation are mainly in the administrative area."

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