Students decipher that math teacher is a homopornoster

World December 29, 2017 09:51

rome - Is it good or not? That is what students from the Sapienza University in Rome wondered when they watched their mathematics teacher Ruggero Freddi. The man who is busy with his doctorate and teaches, has for years played under the name Carlo Masi in hardcore gay porn movies.

The case came to light when Ruggero put a video of himself on Facebook on which he tightened his arm and back muscles. A student discovered that this porn star was Carlo Masi and tipped the local media. The news spread like a fire.

Freddi himself is not so bad that he is unmasked. 'I knew it would happen sooner or later. It is not really a secret. Some students have posted the photo on various sites and that is how everything came to light, 'he tells the Italian newspaper Repubblica.

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