Struikelparty in supermarket yields 7.5 million dollars

World November 13, 2017 11:36

montgomery - A fallout in a supermarket in America, Henry Walker gave up a bit of a crushed hip: $ 7.5 million to be precise.

The man tried to extract a watermelon in 2015, when he held his foot behind a wooden pallet that was pushed under the shelf. The 59-year-old Walker struck and shattered his hip.

A jury in Alabama has decided that he will receive $ 7.5 million in compensation. 'You do not expect to run into a supermarket with two legs and then be carried on a stretcher,' said lawyer Shaun O'hara. It therefore destroyed Walker's life. He has to run a rollator today, knows Fox News.

War veteran Walker complained for negligence. It would not have been the first time someone stumbled across the pallet. 'This is a great judgment for society, because I think the jury also wants to argue that the supermarket is a safe environment for customers,' said another 59-year-old lawyer.

Walmart has been appealed. The chain calls the amounts 'excessive'.

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