Stronghold IS fell in Damascus

Stronghold IS fell in Damascus

World May 21, 2018 13:12

damascus - Syrian forces have taken a former bulwark of IS jihadists on the southern edge of Damascus city center on Monday, according to Syrian state media. The government had previously rolled up a series of strongholds at Damascus. But on the south side of the capital was a stronghold in the hands of the Islamic State (IS). It concerns the neighborhoods al-Hajar al-Aswad and Mukhayam al-Yarmouk.

With the intake, the regime of President Assad after years of struggle again the whole region of the capital and thus the west of Syria in hands. Invested jihadists have recently driven to the northwestern province of Idlib after negotiations in buses. But according to Syrian observers, the IS fighters were transported to the desert in the east of the country from Sunday.

Jordanians and jihadists are also active along the borders with Jordan and along the Syrian Golan Heights occupied by Israel, including fighters who count on IS. The north-east of Syria is for the most part in the hands of Kurdish combat groups.

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