Street Runners equipped mobile police

Street Runners equipped mobile police

Tech October 30, 2015 11:30

- Runners on road in the near future be provided with a police mobile with a special app developed by police. Meanwhile, 10 000 of the 35 000 uniformed officers target device and test it, says project manager Edwin Delwel the ANP.

" It now goes to a test situation, '' he explains.,null, The next time the project is to grow to rolling out the mobile phone. ''

The app can now people's identity can be established and documents such as passports and driving licenses are scanned. Which can then be accessed by the program, both in internal and external systems. For example, to see if someone is sought or is dangerous, or that someone has outstanding fines. The app also provides the ability to write a digital coupon and forward.

better information

" This app helps the policeman on the street for better information at a much faster way. Now the system can be accessed directly, without app must all from the desk. The app allows agents always and everywhere do their work, they have created faster and better information to more security for citizens and colleagues, 'says Delwel.

" The experience so far shows that police officers can better spend their time on the street because they get better and faster information, '' said the project leader. " They can do other things, the things that really matter. We go to the app in the near future to expand considerably. ''

world leader

The test with the mobile phones running in November, a year. Delwel : " We started there to spend a few hundreds. Now there are so much more and work with the politieapp going very well. You can see that it is truly designed with the police officers on the streets. We walk this world leader. Corps come to see from abroad how we do it here. The app was created along with constables, based on their expertise. We therefore have a different approach than in other countries. ''

A timeline for the deployment of the police mobile also to other parts of the police, such as the investigation is being prepared. " We can not afford that sensitive information is on the street. In it we are very careful. ''

In the security are identified no problems so far. There are additional security measures built into the police mobile. After a service is all collected information from the deleted device. If an agent loses his device, the content will be deleted within 10 minutes.

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