Stray man survives on ants

Stray man survives on ants

World November 3, 2015 14:00

- A 62-year-old man who for six days through the Australian outback wandered, managed to keep themselves alive by eating ants.

Reg Fogerty was last month to go hunting with his brother in the Great Victoria Desert in the south of the country. After he had shot a camel he chased the animal through the wilderness. " I am sure thirty kilometers behind him running up, " tells Foggerdy against news channel 7. " I no longer knew where I was. " Foggerdy was totally unprepared for a survival trek through the desert. He wore shorts, a t-shirt, slippers and a cap. Water he had not taken. He had just shot or a camel, but no ability to prepare the meat. " I had no knife and no matches to light a fire, " he says. " I could not even a piece of meat cut loose and baking. " GryllsFoggerdy Bear, who is also diabetic, recalled an episode of the show of survival Bear Grylls where he ate ants to get nutrients. " They tasted pretty good, " he says. " The first day I ate maybe 12 ants. The next day there were 18. " Despite the new source of food Foggerdy began to feel worse and worse by the enormous heat in the desert. He saw helicopters flying overhead, but did not notice him. " I did not think I still Zoy found. I had already given up. " When the sixth day his organs began to fail did Foggerdy sure it had beaten its last hour. " I was completely at peace with it. " Just in time became the hunter, however, found by rescue workers. He was extremely dehydrated and was rushed to the hospital. Foggerdy does not cool that he managed to survive six days without water himself, he just had a lot of luck, he told the news station.

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