Strange sounds in cockpit disaster unit

Strange sounds in cockpit disaster unit

World November 3, 2015 17:00

moscow - On the cockpit voice recorder of the Airbus which crashed Saturday in Egypt, unusual noises just before the extension of the radar disappears.

What sounds, it is not yet clear, as the Russian news agency Interfax reported Tuesday.

Until then, you can hear the voices of the captain and the copilot. Nothing but indicates something odd aboard the A321.

According to American security experts, there is no indication that the plane was shot down Metrojet. There exist after studying satellite photos no suspicions that the plane was shot down by a missile.

In the disaster were all 224 passengers died. That the accident was the worst in Russian aviation history.

According to Russian aviation authorities broke the eighteen year old aircraft already in the air in two. The owner of Metrojet, the company Kolavia, connect in turn to a technical failure as the cause of. In the Russian media was written on Tuesday the discovery of "sharing" neither Airbus nor belonged to the freight. The authorities have not confirmed.

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