'Still a lot of German marks in circulation '

'Still a lot of German marks in circulation '

World December 26, 2015 16:42

frankfurt - Fourteen years after the introduction of the euro are still 12.9 billion German marks in circulation. This amounts to approximately 6.6 billion euros, according to German media proves to new figures from the Bundesbank.

It is still possible to exchange old D-mark at the German central bank. This may be with an affiliate of the bank or by mail.

The Dutch guilder was five years ago for less than a billion euro in circulation, of which over half are in coins. Coins were here then too no longer handing available from the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). Old Dutch paper can still be brought back to January 2032.

The new German figures show that some 100 million D-mark is redeemed at our eastern neighbors last year. Five years ago, in late 2010, according to the Bundesbank were still nearly 13.5 billion D-marks in circulation.

For bringing back the old money a little boost, there was in May this year, a remarkable initiative in the village Gaiberg in the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg. People could pay long again with D-marks a month instead. So local entrepreneurs gathered in old coins and notes.

Only guess why there are so many markets have not been surrendered. Experts suspect that some, mainly coins and small bills in the hands of collectors. The Bundesbank believes that there is also a part of the money is lost. People, for example, have forgotten that they still have some marks lie in an old box in the attic. The D-mark has in the past also used as currency in Kosovo and Montenegro.

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