Stel gets a beautiful daughter after 15 miscarriages

World November 5, 2017 14:21

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35-year-old Lindsay and 37-year-old Brian had their dream of getting close to parents almost. But after 13 years of trying to conceive, the couple adopted a beautiful daughter on October 15th and now they expect twins through the sisters of Lindsay.

The couple heard after 15 miscarriages from their doctor that they could handle it better. Through a Go Fund Me page, she tried to raise money to cover the costs of a surrogate mother. Due to the great publicity around the page, Lindsay and Brian received a message from a woman who set her baby for adoption. Thus they became parents of the little Henley.

During the adoption process, after four attempts, Lindsay's sister and sister had finally succeeded in getting pregnant through a test tube. To their great surprise, it seemed to be about twins. The boy and a girl are expected in April.

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