' State liability for damages download '

' State liability for damages download '

Tech November 12, 2015 15:37

- The Dutch government is liable for the damage suffered by illegally downloading the movie industry in our country. That set nine Dutch film producers go to court for this reason.

Since April 2014, in the Netherlands by law not allowed to download copyrighted movies. But according to the group of producers, the state has failed to really work on compliance with this ban. There would still be running talks between the government and the film industry, but industry organization VPSO and some distributors have no confidence in a good outcome.

The organization compares the situation in the Netherlands with those in Germany, arguing that the sector goes wrong there proportionately less income. Also, if the revenue from DVD sales and Video On Demand (VOD) it rise again.

Downloading weather is really under the microscope in our country. Previously announced distributor Dutch Filmworks to users of the pirated movie streaming service Popcorn Time to want to address.

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