Starving polar bear even moves cameraman: 'We were crying'

World December 8, 2017 23:18

baffin island - Videomaker Paul Nicklen has captured a starving polar bear on video that is now ringing the whole world. Nicklen himself was also struggling when he saw the animal suffering.

'We stood there crying, filming, while the tears rolled down our cheeks,' he tells National Geographic. The bear is obviously bad to bone, skinny, and looking for food.

Why did not Nicklen help himself? He receives that question regularly from viewers. 'Of course I have thought about it, but it is not that I always walk around with two hundred kilos of seal meat. 'Moreover, feeding is forbidden in Canada, where the island of Baffin Island belongs.

The TV maker mainly wants to spread a message: 'I want people to know what it looks like when scientists say that bears will die out. They are going to perish by starvation. This is what a starving bear looks like. '

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