Stamp is 5 cents more expensive

Stamp is 5 cents more expensive

World October 10, 2016 09:24

- PostNL will increase the price of stamps for domestic mail from 1 January to 5 cents. The base rate thereby increases to 78 cents. The other tariffs for going up, so did the post office Monday.

The price of postage for domestic mail with a franking machine up 7 cents to 72 cents. The base rate for mail abroad rose by 8 cents to 1.33 euros. In addition, tariffs for business customers also go up.

The price increases are necessary because mail is sent annually less. PostNL is legally obliged to maintain a functioning postal network and would not come out costs without expensive stamps. Incidentally, is also cut by the company's expenses.

Earlier this year, the price of a basic stamp already by 4 cents. In 2012, it took another 50 cents.

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