Spotify denies existing party artists

Spotify denies existing party artists

Tech July 11, 2017 09:30

stockholm - Spotify denies the existence of dozens of fake artists that would make the streaming business earn money. The music service first reacts to accusations that the company with non-existent artists fills playlists and puts the proceeds into their own pocket.

'We have never made nepartements and put in our Spotify playlists and will never do that,' a spokesman commented on Billboard. 'We do not own rights, we are not a record label, all our music is licensed. We pay the right-holders and not ourselves.'

The story about nepartiesten has been the round for a long time. Spotify would work with different producers to produce music for popular playlists like Peaceful Piano and Deep Focus. Together, the music has been listened to more than 520 million times, accounting for about $ 3 million in royalties. The artists, except Spotify, are nowhere to be found on the internet.

Music Business Worldwide Music Site, which came first with the news, does not let it down. The site calls the artists to report.

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