SPD wants to quickly finish liegend Member

SPD wants to quickly finish liegend Member

World August 3, 2016 07:30

- German political party SPD wants as quickly as possible from the MP Petra Hinz. That German media reported. The 54-year-old Hinz came last month discredited when it turned out that she had lied most of her resume together.

They did include a completed legal studies sucked her thumb. Following the announcement of the fraud, Hinz announced its intention to leave as a member of the Bundestag. That is until now not yet happened and the party will take action to get its way.

Hinz in the parliament deputy from the city of Essen. The SPD department in that city has its Monday two days given to resign.
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According to the Bundestag Hinz has been reported as sick. Attempts have failed to come in contact with hair.

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